Cane Webbing Safety Recommendations and Instructions from Cane supplier in Dubai

What Exactly Is Cane?

In this context, cane refers to rattan fibers that have been stripped of their prickly outer coating; the rest of the rattan is referred to as rattan in its whole. A pattern is usually used to create an exceptionally sturdy sheet of rattan, which contrasts with the darker and warmer tones that characterize the remainder of the item. On furniture pieces such as a bistro chair, it is also utilized to hold them together with screws.

The most frequently encountered cane webbing patterns are hexagonal and radio weave. The geometric design on the hexagonal cane and the radio weave cane and the geometric pattern on most fabrics make it easy to distinguish between them. This long-lasting and water-resistant material can construct a wide variety of furniture components, including chairs and cabinets, tables, headboards, room dividers, and other items.

Installation of Chair Cane Webbing by Cane supplier in Dubai: Safety Recommendations and Instructions

  • Supply sources for cane webbing and spline can be found through Cane supplier in Dubai and specialized internet woodworking firms.
  • It is not recommended to use yellow carpenter’s glue or super glue in the groove since it will stain the wood. It will be nearly impossible to remove if you use anything other than water-soluble adhesive to attach the cane seat.
  • To avoid destroying the cane, avoid cutting it from inside the groove while trimming the excess cane from outside the groove to prevent cutting it from inside the groove.
  • To achieve the best results, avoid staining the shiny natural side of the cane seat, as this side does not accept stains well. A honey color will develop after approximately 5-7 years of use.
  • If you need to match a pair of seats that are the same color, use a brush to apply several light coats of an oil-based stain to match the color of the seat fabric. Allow drying time between layers, and then finish the surface with a natural varnish or polyurethane to prevent water damage.
  • Exercise caution when working with sharp instruments such as chisels and utility knives to avoid injury. You can’t get the most out of your equipment if it’s worn down and unreliable.
  • Only a well-ventilated space should be used for stain, polyurethane, and varnish application. Use safety glasses at all times, and don’t forget about them.
  • Allow at least three days for the glue and cane webbing to cure entirely before allowing anyone to sit on the bench seat.


In addition to ceiling fans, cane webbing is used in other applications such as cabinet panel inserts, furniture overlays, and upholstery. Think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions. We Feathers & Cane, a Cane dealer in Dubai. The goal of our organization is to deliver exceptional service and goods that meet or surpass the expectations of our clients at all times. Having no faults or client complaints is the goal of our quality objective.


What is rattan cane webbing?

Rattan Cane Webbing also named as 1/2 Mesh, cane webbing, Open cane webbing the classical thonet (thonett, tonet, tonett, cane webb, woven cane, open rattan webbing open cane webbing, machine woven cane paneling, sheet cane, machine weave sheet cane) material (cane matting with pits, rattan).

Cane webbing

It is used in chairs that have a groove around the seat or back frame. It requires reed spline to hold it in place.

Open mesh cane comes in six different sizes, 3/8in, 7/16in, 1/2in, 5/8in, 3/4in a 1in whole pattern. The 1/2 in cane webbing is the most common used. To determine what size your cane webbing is measure from the center of one pattern hole to the center of the next.

Cane Webbing has many uses, as panel inserts on cabinets, overlays on furniture and of course you have seen it in ceiling fans. Use your imagination for other ideas.

Parameter Details

Almost all rattan cane webbing are made in rolls (a piece) of standard length of 50 feet long (15.24 meters) The Following widths are available:(1 inch = 2.54 cm) (10.764 ft2 = 1 m2)

inches/ cm 12″ / 3.5cm 14″ / 35.6cm 16″ / 40.6cm 18″ / 45.7cm 20″ / 50.8cm 22″ / 55.9cm 24″ / 61.0cm 30″ / 76.2cm 36″ / 91.4cm
Square  feet ft2 per roll 50.00 58.33 66.67 75.00 83.33 91.67 100.00 125.00 150.00
Square  metre m2 per roll 4.65 5.42 6.19 6.97 7.74 8.52 9.29 11.61 13.94
Width Range Standard length(feet) Lowest square foot/roll Highest square foot/roll
16″ 50 66.67 6.19
18″ 50 75 6.97
20″ 50 83.33 7.74
24″ 50 100 9.29
28″ 50 116.66
30″ 50 125 76.2
36″ 50 150 13.94
40″ 50 166.66

Product Items – Natural Item

A Grade

A quality is the best quality of the 1/2 Mesh, it made of the best quality chair cane. Whiter,the temper is the best of all grade. Not easy to break. The price is higher.

B Grade

B quality is the Second quality of the 1/2 Mesh, it made of the Second quality chair cane. No more white as the A grade, the temper is the second of all grade. Not easy to break.

C Grade

C quality is the Third quality of the 1/2 Mesh, it made of the third quality chair cane. There are lots of the green lines on the webbing, but it is the natural .The temper is the Best of all grade too. Not easy to break. The price is much cheaper than A &B grade.

Product Items – Bleached Item

A  & B  Grade Bleached

A & B grade Bleached is the same look of the webbing, it become more white than the natural one, more temper than the natural one, it is your ideal choice for the rattan chair made. But the price is the highest of all.

C Grade Bleached

C quality is the Third quality of the 1/2 Mesh, it made of the third quality chair cane. There are lots of the green lines on the webbing, but it is the natural .The temper is the Best of all grade too. Not easy to broken. The price is much cheaper than A &B grade. Also bleached, but still has green line on the webbing.

Packing Information

  • Packing Material: Moisture proof paper for inside, cardboard for outside.
  • Packing: Item with the width of 16”-24”: 10 rolls / cardboard box; Item with the width of 28”-40”: 6 rolls / cardboard box.
  • Load Ability: 105000 ft2/20’cntr.